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  • We had a great experience with Dr. Spiker. We did see a resident at the clinic, but only Dr. Spiker at the hospital on the day of surgery. He was excellent.

    Source: Healthgradres

  • Was very impressed with Dr Spiker. His communication skills are excellent, easy to talk with and followed through on his commitments. He repaired my wife's fractured cervicle and she is progressing very nicely.

    Source: Healthgradres

  • Dr Spiker and his team are very friendly and knowledgeable. They listened to me and explained everything. They are the best I would recommend Dr Spiker n team
  • dr. spiker was really clear about the stuff that would happen after surgery and was a very good listen to answering my questions and concerns!
  • Dr spiker is excellent at what he does. He's friendly and knowledgeable. He's the best at what he does
  • dr Spiker is not only a skilled surgeon but is also an empathetic, understanding, and mist competent clinician.
  • dr. spiker is wonderful. answered all our questions and concerns answered completely. we now have much more confidence in the upcoming surgery.
  • Dr. Spiker is very caring and is excellent, knowledgeable in his field!! Highly respect him!! would recommend him to all our friends and family!! excellent!!!!
  • Excellent care. I highly recommend Dr. Spiker and his team to anyone needing his (and their) expertise and care.
  • Dr. Spiker is fabulous! He listens to the problem, discusses possible solutions, and provides excellent follow up care. Thanks to his expertise, I no longer have back and leg pain. The surgery was a great success, and I feel grateful to him for giving me my life back!
  • I feel like Dr. Spiker and his team are actually concerned about their patients. They strive to achieve the best treatment and results. They explained everything understandably, about my injury and treatment. I am extremely comfortable talking about any issues I may have with Dr. Spiker or his team. I would reccomend this orthopedic specialist to anyone, with complete confidence it would be the best choice.
  • Dr. Spiker is the best! He is an incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate surgeon. He listens to patient's concerns, offers treatment options, and provides excellent follow up care. My back surgery proved successful because of his expertise. I feel wonderful! Thank you, Dr. Spiker!
  • Dr Spiker is the best Doctor. He is good at his caring and explaining everything to his patients. He did a fabulous major surgery on my back in May 2017. I praise him to all my family and friends.
  • Dr. Spiker is wonderful! Not only is he an incredibly skilled surgeon, but he is also an incredibly compassionate physician. He carefully listens to all concerns, offers thoughtful suggestions, and solves the problems. I highly recommend him!
  • Dr. Spiker has always been courteous and friendly to me and my family during all of my problems beginning in July, 2015. I respect and admire him very much. I know he is especially skilled in his field.
  • Dr. Spiker and technechs were all great. They all spent good time with me. my son and I were both very happy.
  • Dr Spiker was very good with me and explained every option available as well as what to expect. He seems very kind and very professional
  • I have nothing but good things to say about dr. spiker, very down to earth, caring, sympathetic with my pain and willing to get answers to me and my family, he even made sure my kids felt comfortable in being in the room with us, he shows a sincere kindness to his patients, and there's nothing I appreciate more than having a brilliant surgeon that still has his human side. I am forever grateful with him, he was the first surgeon that, even tho, he was honest with me about possible side effects from surgery, gave me hope about getting better, and 6 weeks post op, my life has improved drastically, and keeps getting better. I prayed to God for years to put me in the hands of an amazing doctor that would fix my back, and I can honestly say, he did.
  • We feel very confident and happy with Dr. Spiker' care as well as his staff. Surgery isn't easy but having such a great doctor helps.
  • Dr. Spiker was excellent in all areas of care. He was thorough, did not make me feel rushed, and inspired complete confidence. Great "Bedside manner". I am very grateful.
  • Dr Spiker has been Great from the 1st meeting thru the surgery. I highly recommend Dr Spiker!
  • I've recommended Dr. Spiker to many of my friends. My functionality and quality of life have improved beyond my expectations.
  • Dr. Spiker is very groovy. I've recommended him to many of my friends. I'm very fortunate to have to met him and his staff. He is the best I could have hoped for as my surgeon. Great bed side manner and surgical skills. This spinal fusion was a breeze; much easier than my discectomies in the past.
  • Dr. Spiker and his staff are very conscientious about delivering information in a very understandable manner. The doctor gives full attention and makes one feel open to provide comments and ask questions.
  • As I stated before, Dr. Spiker and Jason Montgomery were exceptional. They truly showed they cared and went to great lengths to help me get back to my everyday life.
  • Dr. William Spiker is an exceptional surgeon. I have my personality and life back. I'm grateful for the excellent care I've received from him and the team he works with.
  • Dr. Spiker is unusually kind and thoughtful. He has a great demeanor and he takes time to explain the issues. This diagnosis is a life-changing event for me. I appreciate his careful and calming nature. I feel very fortunate that I've found him and I trust him.
  • Both Dr. Spiker and the intern that was working with him were amazing, patient, caring and understanding. This meant a lot to me.
  • Dr. Spiker is a wonderful doctor. He has an excellent bed side manner and an excellent support staff. I would recommend him and the surgery to anyone who asked. He changed my life.
  • Dr. Striker was very informative and seems to be quite knowledgeable in his field of medicine.
  • Dr. Spiker is so great! I could not ask for a better doctor. He cares, he shows concern and he always includes me in the decision process. He's a wonderful doctor!
  • Dr. Spiker is a great doctor. He shows that he cares for his patients. I would recommend Dr. Spiker to anyone.
  • Dr. Spiker is awesome. He always answer my questions & I can tell he really wants to make sure I get better. Since some of my symptoms have come back I know he's doing his best to help me figure out what's goin on. I am great full to have him as my doctor!
  • I love Dr. Spiker! He's on time, friendly, humble and shows genuine concern for the patient. He spends sufficient time with you and is always willing to answer any questions. He gets an A++++ from me!
  • Dr. Spiker is a great doctor. He truly cares and takes his time to explain everything to me. I would recommend him to anyone.
  • Dr. Spiker is awesome! And I hope he always maintains the level of care he currently gives. Everytime I've seen Dr. Spiker, he has shown concern and sensitivity. From the first appointment, I had complete confidence in him and his ability.

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